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Today the vast majority of coaches, parents, and teachers recognize the importance of performance psychology, but simply do not know how to implement it. Using the principles of cognitive psychology, AST has created educational processes which develop, support and, most importantly, equip individuals, organizations, coaches, and teams to enable and transform potential into actual performance. The AST curriculum enables individuals to expand improve their performance through changing their habits, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations, raising aspirations, motivation and self-efficacy.



As a club, if we expect our players to perform their best in the most intense pressure situations we need to equip them accordingly, in every aspect of the game,” Duggan says. “Working with Jim Madrid and his staff has been invaluable. Mental toughness is vital for success, and their program has meant the difference for us when we are in those big games, It’s an ongoing program that is introduced to the coaches, then the players. Just like working on the Technical and Tactical aspects of the game on a weekly basis, this no different.

Michael Duggan

Director of Operations
LA Galaxy, San Diego

I have worked with Jim Madrid and AST for over 15 years. I believe every athlete should have this training. The mental aspect of sports is the one critical piece that is commonly overlooked by coaches and athletes. It helps the student-athlete in all areas of their life.

George Kuntz

Head Coach
Cal State Fullerton University Men’s Soccer

The last time we had four teams in an academic year make the NCAA regionals was 1977-1978…you were integral in “setting the table” for our coaches to believe they could have this level of success! And of course, THANK YOU!!!

Jim Donovan

Athletic Director
Cal State Fullerton University

The 7 Fundamentals brings so many life changing skills together in an easy to understand and easy to apply fashion. As a Director for a club, I left AST‘s seminar knowing immediately that this was something I wanted to expose not only my coaches to, but also all of my families. I have no doubt this will help reinforce our mission about making a difference in our players’ lives and setting them up to succeed off the field as well as on the field.

Shannon Mac Millon

National Soccer Hall of Fame
FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion
Olympic Gold and Silver medalist
U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year 2002
Executive Director, DMCV Sharks

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