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For professionals at work or athletes on the field of play, it’s all mental.
AST is a global performance improvement training and development organization for Athletic and Corporate teams.

AST is Based on the cognitive and neuroscience of performance psychology, the study of how your brain controls your performance.

There is no such thing as team behavior; there is only individual behavior, taking place inside a team. The sum of that behavior and its effects over time becomes the team’s culture. We Shape Culture, No Matter The Game!








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Training The Mind Is Just As Important As Training The Body

We’re not Clinical – We’re Practical

From professional sports to youth sports, we provide world-class Mental Toughness programs designed to help individual athletes, Teams, Coaches, Parents, Officials and Administrators to achieve Unprecedented, Record Breaking performance.

AST programs are based on extensive interdisciplinary research at major universities across the country provides the theoretical and experimental foundation for cognitive science, including the disciplines of psychology, biology, neurology, and others. The recent extensive involvement of scientists from these fields has led many to refer to this as a major movement in science, the “cognitive revolution.”

Much of curriculum is based on cognitive science, including modern cognitive theory of human behavior, a conceptual framework that emphasizes the importance of the mind on human behavior. Essentially, We use the principles of cognitive psychology to teach individuals and members of organizations and teams to use the skills of thought and analysis in setting and reaching goals.


“Purpose Drives Vision. Vision Drives Performance”

-Jim Madrid-


Our Clients:


  • Seattle Sounders FC
  • Cal State University Fullerton
  • Seattle University
  • Long Beach State University
  • UNLV
  • University of Alabama
  • United States Air Force Academy
  • University California, Irvine University
  • Seattle Sounders Academy (*4 teams)
  • Snohomish Youth Soccer (*40 teams)
  • Crossfire FC (*28 teams)
  • Bendixon Goalkeeper Academy
  • West Coast FC (*21 teams)
  • Pateadores FC (*49 teams)
  • United FC (*10 teams)
  • Carlsbad United (*40 teams)
  • Individual players on-USMNT, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins,

Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76er’s.

Rancho Sante Fe Attack FC (*18 teams)

  • San Diego Soccer Academy
  • Encinitas Express FC (*17 teams)   
  • Del Mar Carmel Valley Sharks (*23 teams)
  • Arsenal FC (*43 teams)
  • SKLZ
  • EXOS
  • Next Level Sports Complex (350k attendee’s per year)
  • Washington State Youth Soccer Association-Referees (4500 refs)
  • Beach FC (*32 teams)
  • Seattle Sounders Womens
  • LA FC
  • University South Dakota
  • University of Maryland
  • Georgia Tech University
  • Creighton University

Over 25 years of Unprecedented, Record Breaking Results.

University California Irvine- 4 Big West Championships (Men’s Soccer)

Cal State University Fullerton- 2 Big West Championships (Men’s Soccer)

Long Beach State University – 2 Big West Championships (Women’s soccer)

Seattle University – 2 WAC Conference Championships (Men’s soccer)

Trinity International – 1 CCAC Conference Champions (Men’s Basketball)

UNLV – 1 WAC Conference Championship (Men’s soccer)

Santa Margarita Catholic High School – Trinity League Champions, CIF Champions, final ranking #2 in U.S.

Del Mar Carmel Valley Sharks 5 National Championships

West Coast FC – 4 National Championships

Encinitas Express – 3 National Championships

Rancho Sante Fe Attack – 2 National Championships


Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast Lunch & Dinner!

It’s a depressing but undeniable reality: the vast majority of employees feel depleted, diminished, disenfranchised, demoralized, and disengaged at work.


Our Programs

A team management solution for Individual Athletes, Professional, Collegiate, Student-Athletes, Coaches, Teams, Officials, Administrators, Parents.

The Ten Principles of Mental Toughness (Adults)

This curriculum focuses on teaching participants how to accept accountability for and successfully manage their own lives, deal more effectively with change in their personal and professional environment, and enhance their creativity and energy level, as well as those of the entire group.  Most importantly, participants will develop a clear understanding of how their thoughts determine their own future.  At the conclusion of this education, participants will:

  •      have a clear understanding of how beliefs affect and control behavior therefore performance;
  •      know how to change limiting beliefs into useful attitudes;
  •      understand how change affects most people and know how to minimize their own down-time when adjusting to the new;
  •      accept complete accountability for own success and happiness;
  •      understand that your leadership style is built by past experiences, some good, some bad.
  •      understand that how thoughts have accumulated to build your habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations.

The Ten Principles of Mental Toughness:

Principle One:  Take Change by the Hand

Develop an attitude about change, both from external and internal. How external change affect self and others. What does it look like when we decide to improve or change something about ourselves?

Principle Two:  Open Your Eyes and Your Mind

Understand how to use the brain’s complex awareness system to help achieve goals; learn about blind spots that might be holding yourself back from achieving unprecedented, record breaking results.

Principle Three:  Understand How Your Mind Works

Understand the functions of the conscious, subconscious and creative subconscious, see how self-image and behavior are linked, and recognize how the past affects present decisions.

Principle Four:  Adjust Your Explanatory Style

Learn what self-talk is and how it shapes self-image; understand the role expectations play in performance and results; recognize the benefits of deliberate optimism.

Principle Five:  Expand Your Comfort Zone

Learn what comfort zones are, how self-image regulates them, and how they affect behavior.  Understand why new behavior often causes tension or anxiety.

Principle Six:  Vision Drives Performance

Characteristics of High Performance thinkers; understand what end-result thinking is, how it affects goal setting, and how to use it to make goal achievement easier.

Principle Seven:  Create and Resolve Dissonance

Learn what cognitive dissonance is, when it occurs and how to resolve it; see how to harness the drive and energy created by cognitive dissonance to achieve goals.

Principle Eight:  Say Yes to Your Future

Understand how written goal statements (affirmations) can be used to facilitate personal growth and positive change; learn how to write and use effective affirmations.

Principle Nine:  Strengthening Self-Esteem

Continue to strengthen self-esteem and the benefits of the Dr. Nathaniel Branden’s Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. Learn that by bringing a more consciousness to your daily activities will make a lasting change in your life. Learn how to assert one’s beliefs and ideas, in an appropriate ways and circumstances.

Principle Ten:  Accept Accountability and Get Happy

Learn about Plato’s four levels of happiness and the benefits of each; see how personal accountability is related to happiness; realize that the goal of happiness is achievable. Leading an ethical life.



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