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AST offers the most practical and enlightening programs ever to come out of the fields of cognitive and self-image psychology and high-achievement research.

Our programs help coaches and individuals shape a changing world systematically. These programs have been effective in a broad variety of sports disciplines.

AST has a strong history of working in the field of professional and amateur sports with athletes, teams, and coaches.

The education of AST is easily applied across many disciplines, and sports are no different. Whether it is soccer, hockey, baseball, football, or swimming, the goal is always the same – success.

AST Program Benefits

  • Build a stronger team chemistry
  • Build self-efficacy.
  • Increase team self-confidence and self-motivation.
  • Create team accountability and responsibility for results.
  • Develop goal and end-results thinking.
  • Improve engagement with an open mind and flexibility.
  • Expand creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Improve resiliency and the ability to “bounce back” quickly.
  • Increase sensitivity to the behavior of other people.
  • Increase harmony, cooperation, and teamwork.
  • Attain goals that were once thought out of reach.
  • Transform downward spirals into springboards for success.
  • Create focus for career growth within the team.
  • Generate a passion for coaching, living and working.

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