For Parents

The 7 Fundamentals of AST

Why is it important for young adults?

This curriculum of AST is designed exclusively for young people, teaching in an easy to understand format “how their minds work.”

Their current beliefs and attitudes shape their expectations for the future.
When youth are in control of what they think, they have the power to change outcomes and the way they live. AST is a life-changing experience!

Expected Outcomes

  • Athletes will take more control of their own lives.
  • Motivation becomes intrinsic.
  • Fear no longer will interfere with performance on the field or in any other aspect of life.
  • Completing this AST course will contribute to making the sports experience more than winning games or just learning x’s and o’s.
  • Participants will have learned life skills that will raise the quantity and quality of all areas of life.

Strong Parental Support Encourages

  • Athletes to obtain the discipline and skills to manage their minds.
  • Changing student lives, strengthening family bonds and increasing a passion for life.
  • Inspires athletes to think big, dream large and excel in school and in life.
  • Students/athletes gain academic success, but also achieve social and emotional success as well.

Being a young adult today can be challenging, the body is rapidly changing and so are relationships and emotions. Children are faced with situations such as, anxiety, low self-esteem, heartbreak, peer pressure, exposure to drugs, alcohol and bullying. AST education offers a different type of a solution.  Equip your teens with tools they need to have a proper relationship with themselves by building self-esteem, self-image, self-responsibility and life skills to manage their minds and create their own futures.